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Board Governance

Governance Assessment
Gap Analysis
Board Development
Policy Development
Board Recruitment and Succession Planning

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We understand the critical role that effective board governance plays in the success of non-profit organizations. Our nonprofit board governance service is designed to provide guidance, support, and strategic direction to non-profits, start-up businesses, and established organizations, ensuring that their boards operate at their fullest potential and contribute to the achievement of the organization's mission and goals.

Our team of experienced consultants works closely with your organization's board members to assess, enhance, and optimize their governance practices. We believe that a strong and well-functioning board is essential for making informed decisions, ensuring accountability, and fostering a culture of transparency and integrity within the organization.

Methodology Process:

Governance Assessment:

  • We begin with a thorough assessment of your current governance structure, processes, and practices. This includes reviewing board policies, bylaws, board composition, committee structures, and board member roles and responsibilities.

Gap Analysis:

  • Based on the governance assessment, we identify any gaps or areas for improvement in your board's functioning. We compare your current practices to best practices and industry standards, enabling us to develop tailored recommendations for strengthening your board's effectiveness.

Board Development:

  • We provide targeted board development and training sessions to enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of your board members. This may include training on governance best practices, fiduciary responsibilities, strategic planning, and board-staff relations.

Policy Development:

  • Our team assists in developing and updating board policies and bylaws to ensure alignment with the organization's mission and legal requirements. We help create clear guidelines for decision-making, conflict of interest policies, and ethical standards.

Board Recruitment and Succession Planning:

  • We offer guidance in identifying and recruiting board members with diverse skills, expertise, and backgrounds. Additionally, we assist in succession planning to ensure a smooth transition of board leadership.

Our goal is to equip your board with the tools and knowledge they need to govern effectively, allowing your organization to thrive and better serve the community. With our nonprofit board governance service, we aim to create a strong foundation for your organization's growth, impact, and long-term sustainability.

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